Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cyclone Debbie's Operative zone

Tropical Storm Debbie has been forecast to impact Whitsundays, Mackay and Burdekin. Burdekin lies north of the city of Mackay. Whitsundays are a group of islands.

In the Whitsunday region, emergency alerts have been issued for Dingo Beach, Conway Beach, Cape Upstart, Bowe, Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour.

In the Burdekin region, evacuations have been carried out at Alva Beach, Groper Creek, Jerona, Wunjunga and parts of Rita Island.

Evacuations have been ordered over Mackay Urban North and Mackay Urban South, Midge Point, St Helens Beach, Seaforth, Haliday Bay, Ball Bay, Dunnrock/Mcewens beaches, Louisa Creek, Half Tide/Salonika Beaches, Grasstree/Campwin/Sarina beaches, Freshwater Point, Armstrong Beach.

Geography of Queensland
At its northern-most point, Queensland has the Torres Strait. A Strait is a narrow waterway that joins two larger water bodies. The Torres Strait runs between Australia and the island of New Guinea. A peninsula juts out of the island of Australia into this strait. This triangle-shaped piece of land that projects into the Torres Strait is called Cape York Peninsula. The northern-most point of the Peninsula is called Cape York. The length of the peninsula is about 660 kilometres while the widest is 430 kilometres.

To the left of the Peninsula is the Gulf of Carpentaria. To the right of the peninsula is the Coral Sea which is a part of the Pacific Ocean.

Among the regions of Queensland are the following

  • Cairns and Far North(The city of Cairns is on the right of the peninsula that makes up the far-north of Queensland, about 2000 kilometres from the capital of Brisbane, which is on the south-eastern edge of Queensland.
  • Central West(About a 12+ hour road journey from Brisbane)
  • Mackay and Whitsunday(at around the centre-point from Brisbane to Cairns)
  • Mount Isa and NorthWest
  • Brisbane and SouthEast
  • SouthWest and Darling Downs
  • Wide Bay Burnett(The hinterland of the south-east corner of the state)
The capital city of Brisbane can be said to lie right at the south-eastern corner of Queensland. Just north of the border with New South Wales, on the coast is the city of Gold Coast, which is 65 kilometres south of Brisbane. It is the second-largest city in Queensland after Brisbane. The Sunshine Coast is 100 kilometres north of Brisbane and has 60 kilometres of coastline.

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